Golden Source

The group arrives to a massive wall where they see a small trickle of yellow water. Nyx gives her teleporter scypher to Nalera to teleport Tus and herself back to camp. After Nalera was gone, Nyx and Vyx proceed to the wall and help Itchybald with decipher the walls mysterious symbols. After a quick contemplation, Nyx and Vyx figure out the wall and press a bunch of hidden button and the door slowly slides open.

The group sees a large set of dark stairs, and the figures of Nyx and Vyx already making their way up them. The group follows behind them surround by more strange symbols carved into the walls. After a short period of time, they start to hear the sounds of water and make their way towards it.

Along the way they are blocked by a statue. Psyyrik uses his abilities and connections to machines to try and speak with it, and discovers that it’s a transdimensional trap. He quickly dismantles it and the group is saved from being very seriously affected by it. Between the trap and the constant sound of running water, Itchybald freaks out and starts pausing and going into the fetile position, scared of neverending water. The group reassures him its nothing, and they move on. Before heading further, they salvage the statue and receive some usable cyphers in return.

They come to a big chamber with a cave in and a fork. Hedge goes to investigate the cave-in, but nothing of value is learned. They collectively decide to go down the left route and bump into a woman after a short while.

Nyx immediately greets the woman, but also notices the woman is constantly eating this weird grey paste. They learn her name is Hilga but that is pretty much all they learn about her. But she mumbles about the Nothing Man and that the paste eats.

Nyx asks her if she would come back with them, but Hilga is silent. Psyyrik asks about the Nothing Man, but gets no more information. Hedge finally asks about the strange helm that Hilga is wearing, and she smiles as she turns around and walks to the next chamber, where the sound of running water seems near.

The group goes and investigates the sound and reach a large pool. But the pool isn’t of any water they are familiar with, it seems to be the same color and smell as the paste Hilga was eating. Nyx rushes up to the water, and a doppelganger shape of her emerges from the water’s surface. Nyx and Vyx are greatly excited about the prospect of another Wob. Hedge approaches to see the pool himself, and a doppelganger of him also appears.

Psyyrik also goes to examine it and finds that it has a transdimensional aura to it, but touching it yielded no different results than the others in the group. Nyx decides to give the doppelganger a cracker.

They realize they won’t gain much more information here and double back and go through the middle dark hallway at the fork. Nyx and Vyx take the lead.

They reach a room that has nothing but rubble in it and debris of all sorts of machinery in the center. They salvage it and manage to get 10 shins for their work. They find nothing else and proceed down to a small antechamber. Nyx and Vyx lunge to investigate a the device the find there. They group find that it is the power source to the facility they are in, and that it is a large device in of itself. They attempt to turn it on many times, and after a few failures, they finally succeed in powering on the facility and the lights flicker on.

As they move on, Nyx and Vyx take some grey paste with them, just in case. They arrive at another fork. Nyx and Vyx try to go right, but the group has a strange feeling, and pull them back to go left at the fork.

They find another large black device and a small one. Psyyrik approaches it and tries to turn it off and succeeds with some effort. They dismantle and salvage it and return to the fork with nothing else of interest in the room. They now go down the right path, and find a room with a small cavity, a door, and a control panel.

Psyyrik begins poking and prodding the door with Nyx and Vyx and a large Centipede like creatures emerges from beside it and attacks Psyyrik, and the group goes into combat.

Without too much effort, they dispatch the centipede and collect some loot from its intestines filled with former adventurers. Unfortunately, due to the transdimensional nature of the centipede and coming into contact with Nyx, Vyx, and Psyyrik, they got some interesting effects applied to them. Psyyrik’s hands now glow a soft blue, and the Wobs’ breath now smells like oranges.

Nyx uses one of the cyphers she just acquired to discover who and where this Nothing Man is. They didn’t get much on who, but they definitely got where.

They quickly check a bunch of the unexplored antechambers, and found some shins here and there. They all come to a staircase at the end of the unexplored chambers, and find a staircase leading downwards. Nyx and Vyx sail down the large staircase, while the rest of the group struggles to make their way down over a couple of hours.

They explore some more rooms, find some extra cyphers and oddities, and Psyyrik deactives some more black devices that seem to be causing things to malfunction. One of the rooms even had rain constantly falling from the ceiling. And in this room, they also find the Nothing Man, watching. His transparent form only becoming visible as the water splashes off of his body. When he realizes he is noticed, he rushes out of the room.

They chase him, but are interrupted as a large Travonis Ul erupts from the debris and attacks them, enraged.



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