More secrets, and an end to the journey.

The combat ends with a deadly shot to the brain by an arrow smoothly unleashed from Hedge’s bow. After Nyx and Vyx rummage through the remains of the body to retrieve their knife, a storm hits the group. Psiryyk’s hand becomes a fully functional tentacle and Bartholomew now emits a strong scent of cinnamon, solidifying his role as the Cinnamon Avenger.

They find a purple mechanical heart but nothing of value was found on it so Nyx took it as an oddity for herself. They continued on into another room that is brimming with functional numenera. They approach a machine that alters animals from other dimensions in some way. Nyx immediately presses the big red button controlling the machine, and cycles through the animals from 6 alternate dimensions.

The first press brought tiny black spot creatures that seemed to swallow matter. Upon realizing what they did, Nyx quickly presses the button again to bring the next reality’s creature. A large scaled reptilian creature appeared, but it was dead, in partial decay. Shiny scales were observed with intact intestines before Nyx pressed it once more. A group of 5 glowing motes appeared and immediately rushed off the path. Everyone somehow felt their hunger, and engaged in combat.

Though the group triumphs over them, and all the glowing motes die, but one. The last one was put on the machine, and sent back to where it was from. In its place there was a device, but as the group tried to get closer, the Nothing Man appeared and grabbed it from under their noses and disappeared.

After the group gets over their shock, Nyx presses it one final time, and a great many cyphers appear. The adventurers split them between each other, and move onto the next room.

Upon entering the next room, Psiryyk notices a device and uses his knowledge and skills with machines to try and talk with it. Though he did not have much time to make any breakthroughs, as Ichibald used his lock picking skills to just open the next door which revealed a massive device hanging from the ceiling. Chains and tubes weaving throughout it.

After 10 mins of collective investigation and study of the device, they find that the device has pieces in the two antechambers connected to the room. One has a black obelisk that powers the heart, and it had stopped operating. They also found out that the large heart-like device in-front of them, was maintaining the trans-dimensional stability of the facility and why things were running amok. They also found that they gold falls was actually a byproduct of the heart and excess it doesn’t need and expels. They would need to use the machines in the antechambers to re-activate the heart.

Psyrik took this opportunity to use a rare ability of his, remote activation, and force starts one of the devices, though the other requires more repair. They spend an hour repairing it and bringing it back to life.

As the large heart began regaining functionality, the Nothing Man’s outline begins to form and he attacks the group.

After a long and grueling battle, they subdue the Nothing Man with minimal damage to themselves. He laid on the ground, crumpled and fully visible. He was a blue humanoid being that looked like he was made of a blue glowing metal. They find nothing on his body. But after further investigation of his living space, they found a link to his disappearing form and the heart. It prevented his kind from entering our reality for our safety, and with the heart on again, he was being forced back to his. He obviously didn’t want that.

The room he was in was engraved with weird languages. The curious of the group attempt to decipher it while Eeshina heals their wounds. After hours of deciphering, they discover the secrets of the chamber. It lies on a trans-dimensional nexus and that runners need to be careful when jumping realities, but they weren’t quite sure what that meant.

With their adventure coming to a close, and the river starting to flow, they make their way back to Eeshina. Sheniath is thrilled and welcomes them back and rewards them very well after hearing their story.



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