The Source

At the end of the dry Gold River bed lies the flat face of a metallic, rusted wall set flush within a much higher, snow-covered mountain. A circular cavity, 30 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep, pierces the center of the wall. The interior wall of the cavity is also metallic, but unlike the outer wall, it is without rust, as fresh as newly forged steel, and covered in unfamiliar symbols.


Based on water stains, it seems likely that the Gold River issued from the cavity before the silvery metallic seal closed it off. Careful investigation of the cavity and symbols reveals a few things. First, the silvery surface composing the back wall of the cavity is a massive powered door. The door can be opened with the key obtained from Guthrain by touching the sphere to the door.


The silvery back wall of the cavity doesn’t slide open – it shimmers and disappears from this reality. An unlit corridor leading back into the mountain is revealed. The corridor is made of smooth greenish synth and ice has formed along the bottom of the circular corridor.

The Source

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