The Order of Truth

The Order of Truth was established about 400 years ago by the original Amber Pope, High Father Calaval. Its members are called Aeon Priests, and they are the most trusted experts in handling, identifying, and using the numenera and other lore. In most communities, Aeon Priests are the local “wise folk,” looked upon with respect as leaders and advisers in the important facets of life.

Also known as the Amber Papacy, the Order of Truth is not technically a religion though it is structured like one. One could say that it is a religion devoted to science, for the Order of Truth reveres the past and the understanding its inhabitants had of the forces of the universe. Its strongest roots are in the Steadfast and the Beyond, and it is by far the strongest and most widespread organization in the Ninth World.


Many people treat the Order like a religion. These people are not members of the Order, but rather “adherents.” In their eyes, the Order is focused on worshipping the past and the ancients who created the fantastic devices and strange discoveries that fill the Ninth World. Over the last century or so, the Amber Papacy has done little to discourage this idea. In fact, under the current Amber Pope, Durranet VI, the Aeon Priests have discovered that the people of the Steadfast are more likely to respect, admire, and obey the Order of Truth if they think of it as a religion. Thus, in larger cities, the order has begun holding quasireligious services to encourage this idea. They ritualize their teachings to respect and understand the numenera as the key to advancing humanity into the future.

Some Aeon Priests do not answer to the papacy and consider themselves outside the Order of Truth. These nonaffiliated priests dwell mainly in the Beyond, gathering in isolated, autonomous claves to continue their research and work. They have no relationship with the order or even with one another, but they keep the Aeon Priest title because they respect the ideals of the priesthood, if not the direction that the organization has taken.


The Order of Truth

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