Black Riage

The Black Riage is a great, dark mountain range that is the primary division between the Steadfast and the Beyond. It is a place of both difficulty and danger. The inhabitants of villages scattered throughout its expanse are mostly trappers or herders. A wide variety of abhuman tribes also dwell in in the mountains. Margr, chirog, and sathosh, as well as stranger, rarer breeds are a constant threat the those who travel the region.


Three main passes lead through the Black Riage, although other, secret passes exist as well. The main routes—Tremble Pass, Cerdyn’s Pass, and Garl Nave—offer caravans and travelers the means to cross the mountains without undue difficulty. The paths, however, are steep and sometimes narrow. In the winter, all three passes become very dangerous, and the southern two are almost certainly blocked, leaving Tremble Pass as the only possibly clear route through the region. Though the entirety of the Black Riage is mountainous, the Titanic Ridge is the tallest range in the region. It is a very high, very sheer drop-off that rises 10,000 feet above its base.


Black Riage

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