Aversil is a small village in the western foothills of the Black Riage mountains. The town is located on the border of a kingdom called Malevich and at the base of the Titanic RIdge. The village has a population of approximately 400, most of whom are craftsmen, hunters and farmers. Most farming and hunting, however, is conducted in the foothills farther down in the valley. Houses in Aversil proper, while small, clean and well maintained, are typically constructed of river rock and reclaimed material from a ruin farther down in the foothills.

The villagers of Aversil are independent, but they do respect their town leader Norama and trust her to manage the larger concerns of the city. She can always be found here and there, interacting with people in the village along the Gold Road.


Aversil is very self-sufficient and maintains independence from Malevich and the other villages in the Black Riage. This is thanks to the never-ending discharge of the Gold Falls – a magnificent waterfall pouring down a nearby cliff face that is visible from anywhere in the city. The crops, livestock, and people of Aversil flourish due to the abundance of water.

A local legend says that as long as the Gold Falls flow, good fortune shall smile on Aversil and her people. Generally speaking, bandits, abhumans, bad weather, and even disease rarely trouble the town. Some villagers claim that the Gold Falls are a blessing from a mountain spirit known as the Skymother. A large shrine to the Skymother exists on the edge of town, though many villagers keep small shrines to the Spirit of the Gold Falls in their homes. Such shrines typically include a basin of water filled from the Gold Falls River – a narrow river that runs through the center of town.



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