The Tower on the road to Worow

As they leave the city, the stories of the ominous tower echo through their heads, for many it didn’t matter, but the knowledge claimed to be present in that tower really intrigued Daegalus. So as soon as he saw the shadow in the distance, he broke off of the group and raced towards it. With little choice, the group followed, and after hours traveling towards it, they finally arrived to its base. As it walked slowly towards them, they realize the tower was walking on giant spider legs. As it neared them the tower seemed to notice them, slow and place itself down. The legs retracted into the tower. In all the windows there seemed to be eyes looking at them. Then a large opening appeared as a retracting iris. Without much thought, Daegalus runs in. The rest of the group debates about following, and everyone follows except for Itchybald and Peace, who decide to stay outside and wait.

The tower expands to what seems forever vertically, and there are three rooms in the main lobby. One leads to a decadent display of food and gluttonous endeavors, and the other is the library. The final one had sounds of water coming from it. To no one’s surprise, Daegalus was already lost in the library, so the rest of the members decided to explore and started with the area the water sounds came from. When they made their way to the center, there was a large expansive pool of water, and in the center was a stunningly beautiful and elegant woman. And to some of the groups surprise, completely naked. She looked over to them and smiled and began moving towards the edge of the pool and nonchalantly put on her robe.

After greeting them, and the group providing some nervous pleasantries, she leads them to the banquet hall. She notices Daegalus in the library, and with a sweet invitation she invites him to the banquet hall too, obviously really happy to have someone interested in knowledge as her. He signs the guestbook, and the library grants him a library card engraved on the back of his hand.

She patiently watches all of them eat and have their fill as the servants, which happen to be disembodied hands moving things around and helping each other. Daegalus tries to excuse himself early, and she offers to go with him and show him everything the library has to offer, with a slight hint of an ulterior motive in her voice. The group is hesitant but doesn’t interfere. Vyx is gorging on food the entire time and doesn’t notice.

As the door slams shut behind Daegalus and his host, the group decides to take a look around. They go back to the lobby, leaving Vyx behind to her post-feast slumber. They climb up the large staircase and end up in a large expanse with a bed on it. They then notice the many promiscuous and sexual items hanging on the walls, and the bed that seems to want to absorb anyone that lays there. They quickly get out of there and walk back down and go to the library door. They try knocking, or picking the lock. But the door had no keyhole. Lastly they realized that the whole tower was alive, and they simple asked the door to open, and it did.

There laying in the center of the library on a fur rug laid Daegalus, with a book open. Their host wrapped around him and flipping the pages for his book, she seemed like she was breathing hard and sparkling in light sweat. She notices the rest of them, and concludes their reading, seeming to make out that they have been there for a very long time. With kisses, hugs, and more promiscuous gestures, she tries to have Daegalus stay, but he knew better, and decided to part.

As they make their way out, she sends a final lovely goodbye, and the tower stands up and moves away. The library card on the back on Daegalus’ hand disappears with the tower.

After they sync up on information they realize that she is an ancient being, probably since the first worlds, and is just alone and wants to share and learn of the world around her, but is stuck in the tower. And while she invited them back, they don’t believe they will ever see her again in their lifetimes, but she will be around for many more.



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