An unarmed Oorgolian Soldier painted red.


A lanky and alien quasi-humanoid automaton. Over 8 feet tall, and seemingly unarmed. He is also painted red.


This unusual Oorgolian soldier once resided in Yellow Lake. Lost, alone, wounded, and essentially insane, it would confront any passerby who approached the shoreline, sometimes in overt aggression.

However, when the Oorgolian Soldier approached our heroes, Psirryk was able to pacify it using his inherent ability to talk to machines. The Soldier communicated via fractured images and emotions, and told Psyrrik that it was injured and in pain. Itchybald was able to remove a large rock from the creatures right leg, while Eeshina healed any lingering damage. The Soldier seemed relieved and grateful, especially to Itchybald, and after some internal debate, it decided to stay with the party.

The group named the mysterious creature Peace, and it mostly lives up to its name. Peace has developed a strange attachment to Nyx the Wob and her “twin” Vyx. Since Nyx’s kidnapping, he follows and protects the despondent Vyx and has even been seen preparing her tea…


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