Nÿx the Wōb

Nÿx is a Wierd Jack who exists in two places at once.


With her pale skin, bleach-white hair and jet black eyes, Nÿx seems a bit… odd. She seems awquard, uncomfortable with wearing clothes, or maybe being inside her own skin, fidgeting, like she doesn’t have proper internal organs, but instead is filled with bees, or perhaps ants. She isn’t sure. So she asks herself. Not herself, but someone exactly like herself, the second her, doesn’t believe in clothes. Nÿx calls her Vÿx. Vÿx says it is ok. Not filled with bees. When Vÿx is about Nÿx doesn’t feel the need to fidget. Not alone.

She is a Wōb, and Wōbs are a bit… odd.


No one quite knows where Nÿx came from. She just wandered into town one day. She calls herself a Wōb, but has never seen fit to explain what that is. Sometimes folks report seeing her about in different parts of town at the same time, while others claim to have seen two of her talking in strange sing-song tones. Not many like talking to her, yet she always seems to know what’s going on. Esther the Dreamer found her oddness endearing and has been letting her sleep at her place, where Nÿx seems quite happy to spend much of her time rooting through her library and eat her food, but the other townsfolk have become annoyed at the peculiar freeloader and have been suggesting that perhaps it is time she move on.

Nÿx has made a few friends in town besides Esther. Itchybald Mugumbo for one, who recalls meeting her from before, in another time and place. She persuaded him to turn over a new leaf, to strive to be better. Nÿx has no recollection though, but likes knowing someone knows she existed before this time, this place. Bartholomew is another friend, sort-of. He doesn’t see anything odd about her and her “twin sister.” “Leave those kids alone” he sometimes chides the the other townsfolk, “haven’t you seen identical twins before? For goodness sake! Those sisters are just simpletons! Babes in the woods! Nothing odd about them, no crime about being a little annoying.” Esther however has a different take, given her extensive reading. She points to Nÿx’s unusual bracelets, the strange disks that hover about her wrists, which her “sister” does not share, hinting that the Wōbs may have a darker, more tragic history than their otherwise sunny disposition may imply.

Nÿx the Wōb

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