Iska Sultana

Iska is a empathic jack who sees beyond.


Iska is a tall blonde with tattoos on her face and body. She wears brightly colored, slightly garish colors and an assortment of jewelry and trinkets she has gathered during her travels. She is extremely modest and her clothing is a reflection of this. Her face is generally the only body part she leaves exposed.


Iska Sultana was born in the city of Dynafel in eastern Iscobal. Her father was an Aeon Priest who served in the Dreaming Reliquary, but he died while investigating a recovered numenera device when Iska was only five. The Order took her in and raised her at the behest of Narla Deshu, a prominent member of the The Order and her father’s closest friend.

Iska proved a valuable asset to the Aeon Priests in Dynafel. Unlike most people, Iska knows that there are far more than three dimensions, more colors than can be found in the rainbow, and more things in the world than most can see, sense, or even understand. She can perceive the things others cannot, and the Priesthood fostered her natural gift and used her in their studies of the numenera.

However, what Iska has seen in other dimensions has changed her understanding of even the most basic things in life. Her clothing and weaponry are a reflection of her transdimensional identity. She wears a myriad of colors and patterns, and strange otherworldly markings are carved into her flesh and possessions showcasing her unique vision of the world.

Contrary to her somewhat garish appearance, Iska herself is quiet and reserved. She prefers to listen and observe rather than interact with others, but her heightened senses allow her to read people and pick up on things that make her a social adept when the need arises. She has even been known to use her gifts to masquerade as a seer or fortune teller in her travels. This is how she earns a living when not fulfilling contracts for the Order in the Steadfast and Beyond.

She recently discovered a strange ever-changing map that brought her to the town of Averisil in the Black Riage. The map was leading her to a pair of Wobs residing in the village. Iska is unsure why the map is linked to Nyx and Vyx, but she intends to find out.

Iska Sultana

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