Frankyl is a short, somewhat overweight man in his fifties. A long scar falls across his right eye. his hair is mostly grey, though a touch of red still shows in his beard. The top of his head is bald and almost glows whenever exposed to light.


Frankyl was born and raised in Aversil. He opened the Aversil Inn in his early twenties, and has been catering to the needs of the townsfolk ever since. Like most people in the Beyond, Frankyl is very suspicious of outsiders. Though he’ll serve the few travellers who visit the town, he’s also been known to spike drinks and food with tracer pills or even hide numenera devices that record guest conversations in their rooms. Because of Frankyl’s borderline paranoia, he tends to know absolutely everything that is going on in town.

Frankyl took in an orphan girl named Nilara a little over seven years ago. No one really knows why the old man took in the child, but he’s made a surprisingly decent parent.


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