Enautan is an old man. His once copper skin is now dulled by time, and wrinkles weigh down his face. He never goes out without a hat and tends to get cold easily.


Enautan is an elderly gentleman from Malevich. In his youth, he was an explorer and traversed the Steadfast and the Beyond in search of numenera. He and his companion, Hilga, happened upon the village of Aversil years ago. They became fascinated by the Gold Falls and the inexplicable success of the village. However, Hilga disappeared in their pursuit of an understanding of the Gold Falls. Enautan survived the incident, and his grief was eventually soothed by faith. Enautan claims the Skymother came to him in a dream and commanded he tend to her shrine. The old man has lived in Aversil ever since, obeying the commandment of the Spirit.


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