Daegalus is a mystical Jack who exists partially in and out of phase.


Daegalus doesn’t seem all that important at first look. A face that rarely turns anyone’s attention, probably because it’s always behind a book of some sort. If he is not buried in a book, he is tinkering with anything he can find. No one knows where and how he gets his money for all the toys and gadgets he has around him, but the Sisks he carries on his hips might explain it.

He is generally a nice guy and easy to talk to, usually distracted by his toys, but most people know him, like him, and leave him to his own devices.

Though there were rumors for short time that he was a ghost and not real. But everyone that has interacted him, knows he is flesh and blood as everyone else.


Daegalus lost his parents in his teens. But not to what might think. They aren’t dead, at least to his knowledge, but to an extreme version of him, they were obsessed with discovery and numenera, and were lost to their searches. They both left for a search, and never came back. Daegalus was left to fend for himself, and while tough, wasn’t out of his abilities. His parents did leave him with the knowledge and skills to handle himself, and he used those to get through life.

He fell into a simple way of life, but one that was full of not so moral and legal activities. But he was good at them, and they resulted in a wealth of shins to fund his hobby and love for numenera and gadgets.

One night during a long trek through the wastes, an Iron Wind came and changed him in ways never imagined. For weeks he would go through things, failed to eat bread as it fell through his hands and body, until a wandering stranger found him, understood, and helped him gain control of this new found ability, and new found curse. His benefactor’s name was Psiryyk and was a good friend from that day.

He now uses this new found ability to his benefit when he can, and continues to pursue his desire for numenera and knowledge while still being deft with a blade.


Thirst Daegalus