The Wandering Aneen

In the western foothills of the Black Riage mountains and on the eastern border of Malevich lies a small village called Aversil. This highland city is a fertile and peaceful land filled with bountiful herds of animals and flowing fields of produce and grain. It is an oasis amidst the barren and desolate lands that typify the Beyond. And it is here that our story begins.

After a trip to the market on the Gold Road, Eeshina returned home to find an empty pasture where her aneen, Tuss, once grazed. In a mild panic, she sought the assistance of her closest friends. Bartholomew was the first to volunteer, always up for a challenge and any opportunity to use his large, pointed blade. Hedge, Psiryyk, Daegalus, and Itchybald also agreed to come along, though their motives were unclear as there was some talk of roasting Tuss rather than rescuing him.

Tuss’ tracks were unmistakable due to his lame left leg. The trail was easy to follow and led the party into the foothills south of Aversil. After venturing a few miles, however, it became clear that Tuss was no longer traveling alone. The tracks revealed that Tuss was ambushed by several three fingered creatures and then carried further south.


Eeshina and her friends continued following the trail until smoke appeared on the horizon. A small, metal box in Eeshina’s pack began ringing, and Hedge said, “Let’s hurry or we’re going to miss the barbecue.”

When the party crossed a final hill, a band of Chirogs appeared in the near distance. The small, hateful abhumans had Tuss bound next to their fire and were preparing to slaughter him for a roast. However, the chirogs were consumed by their preparations and were oblivious to the six onlookers at the top of the ridge.

It was then that Nilara, a young girl from Aversil, appeared. She noticed Tuss was missing from his pasture and secretly followed Hedge and his friends into the foothills. She was determined to help, however, upon seeing Tuss bound next to the fire she began screaming much to the party’s dismay. Hedge was able to hold the girl back from doing anything else foolish, but the chirogs were now very aware of the group’s presence.

The party inched forwards in order to get close enough to engage the chirogs. The creatures seemed hesitant to strike the first blow, but Hedge fired an arrow as soon as he was within range. Bartholomew immediately closed the distance between himself and the leader of the chirogs, brandishing his greatsword high. Daegalus and Hedge continued to let arrows loose on the nearest creature, while Psiryyk used an esotery to push another chirog into the fire.


Time seemed to slow as the battle intensified. Itchybald launched a flurry of mental attacks and was able to dodge when a chirog attempted to grapple him. Psiryyk was not so lucky. After failing to shoot the nearest creature, the chirog grabbed him in its maw and pinned him to the ground. Hedge was able to strike the beast, and Psiryyk was released. The nano then used another esotery to slam his attacker to the ground, but the chirog became enraged. Once again it launched itself at Psiryyk, grappled him, and pinned him to the ground. This time, however, the beast used its massive claws to tear at the nano’s chest. Psiryyk was seriously wounded, but the rest of the party turned to aid him, shooting and stabbing the chirog to near death.

The chirog that had been pushed into the fire tried to close the distance to Bartholomew and Hedge, but was taken down by a single arrow fired by Daegalus. The creature fell, unconscious, and became easy prey for Itchybald and his mental attacks.

Daegalus and Itchybald were able to kill one chirog. Meanwhile, the beast that had mauled Psiryyk attempted to flee. It dragged its near lifeless corpse away from the battle. The third and final chirog, however, still has some fight left in it. After waking from its unconscious state, it turned its attention on Itchybald.

Eeshina managed to circumvent the entire battle thus far, sidestepping her way to the fire to help her bound aneen. Nilara stayed by Eeshina’s side and used a small dagger to free Tuss, while Eeshina healed whoever was within her reach.

And seemingly like magic, the battle was over. The chirogs were dead and our heroes left the scene to return to Aversil…



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