The Road to Worow

The group leaves the tower and heads back to their destination. But as they set off they encounter a group of small bubble wrapped turkey looking like creatures that engage them in combat.

The group finally defeats them as the remaining few run away. They all sit down to rest, while Itchybald cooks a feast with the remainder of the turkey corpses.

As evening sets in, they see the city of Worow in the distance. They see no clock tower, but not as wretched as Inswald. Has a large wall around it and a cathedral in the center. The evening bell starts ringing and the doors to the city begin to close. The group rushes to get inside. They barely make it inside. The guard greets them rushed. They ask where the Inn is, and he points to the building nearby with a stable next to it.

They stable their aneen and go into the Inn. A creature greets them that is this small green furry animal, with spindly arms, and three pronged hands. It has a football shaped had opens almost completely when the creature talks, and the eyes bulge out of its head. It lectures about how it will rule the world with the prose it writes in his book spread in front of him. His plans to get all the hushpuppies for himself.

They pay him for room and breakfast. They get invited to Interdimensional Cards. Only Daegalus and Hemwot join. Daegalus wins the game with some weird phasing magic randomly affecting his cards in his favor.

They pack it in for the night and in the market, most of the group goes to the market to restock and reorganize their assets.

Eeshina goes to the cathedral to see their culture and ways. There is a large crystal tree inside the cathedral and is amazed by the beauty of it.

Daegalus seems to see what looks like a Wob and tries to make contact, but she startles and runs away as a boom happens in an alley and the Wob runs towards it. Everyone gives chase and Iska realizes its not Nyx or Vyx and joins. There is a large robed glass masked man standing there, and Daegalus immediately grabs the Wob and tries to pull her back as the rest of the group arrives. Hedge grabs the Wob’s bag trying to get some of the shiny objects to distract the being.

Iska lunges at the thing but misses as it takes a step back. The being vanishes and appears in front of hedge and knocks him back into Daegalus. He loses grip on the Wob and it runs into the robbed figure and they disappear.



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