Meego in the Forest

The group is joined by a Shield maiden that looks like a Devil. Horns, red eyes, a tail, and the name Inara. That evening a woman with a large cat like creature comes in and immediately attacks Iska with its long rough tongue, licking and nuzzling her. Catlord quickly wrangled her cat and joined the group after hours of discussion and catching up. Along with Shieldmaiden was a stealthy jack that murders, but with a very boystrous and loveable personality. Sakumsa definitely liked sharp objects.

The group introduces themselves and convince the new members to join them on their journey to save Nyx.

During the late evening before they go to bed, Chimp the Pimp stops by the inn and offers for them to visit his Redlight district. After some discussion, and some instant agreements, they all go with Chimp. They are taken tot the walls of the city where chimp leads them up to a light hanging from the wall, most notice that all the other lights in the area are white, but this one is red. Chimp taps it a few times, and a door slides open in the wall. A few walk in without hesitation, and disappear into darkness. Catlord and Itchybald go back to the inn, deciding its not worth it. The rest go in. When they enter, most of the women look very familiar to the group, until the group realizes the women are all blue skinned, and look like almost identical Hawmett’s wife. The group freezes and overloads with fear. They were all Nubian Wives.

When they look back to walk out, the door is missing. Hawmett disappears into a house with one of the women, as he is enchanted by the women that look like his wife. A man with a fez like Chimp the Pimp comes up and mentions they can leave for a shin. Most of the group pays and leaves. Eeshina decides to stay and asks for someone not blue skinned, so she spent the night with Johnny the Horse and is sore the next morning when she arrives back at the Inn. Hawmett spends time with his wife look-alikes but is found to not have money and is put to doing the laundry. He sees many pregnant wives and they all give birth to kids that look like him, like his other child.

The group stops by an Aeon church to get Numenera identified and sold before heading out of town. Daegalus walks away with 50 shins, and the rest of the group is relaxed and fully healed by the giant crystalline tree in the center of the church.

The group leaves the city towards Nox. Vyx explains that between here and Nox there are the Hibblins where people disappear often. The group decides to go into the forest to get to Nox and they are quickly surrounded by greenery and vines. Inara notices something in the trees and everyone looks up. They occasionally see a brief glow and hear weird noises. They are greeted by creepy bugs that want to trade. Itchybald knows what they are. They are Meego and they frighten most of the group. They are the size of a man and look insectoids.

Itchybald gets a special deal for knowing them very well and speaking their language. They offer him a lightning gun for some of his existing cyphers and he accepts. It clips onto his arm and seems alive. So when it attaches, it clamps onto him and digs into his body, feeding off his electromagnetic energies to fuel itself.

After the trading is over, the group politely leaves and continues on through the fog, and they think they see trees again, and the place continues to be strange and eerie.

The fog has gotten exceptionally thick and Hedge, Eeshina, Catlord, Hawmett, Vyx, Peace and Itchybald get lost in the woods. The rest manage to stay together. Iska quickly uses her crowd control ability to bring most of them back. Everyone comes back, except Eeshina.

Eeshina is wandering around fully lost and something flies out of the fog, that looks a bit like a green flying squirrel with long bat like ears, little gleamy bloodshot eyes, and a mouth of teeth open to attempt to eat her. She tries to run, and dodges one of the attacks. She remembers that she has an invisibility cypher and uses it and ducks left to avoid the giant attacking squirrels. She reunites with the group and they see the city of Nox and they see smoke coming from the city as they make their way out of the forest in a rush.



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