Welcome to the Ninth World!!!

Built on the bones of the eight prior worlds that came before, the Ninth World is a place of untold wonder and limitless discovery. Remnants of previous ages compose what Ninth Worlders call the numenera. The devices, machines, vehicles, robots, computers, weapons, satellites, drugs, and so on that make up the landscape and color their daily lives. But numenera also includes bioengineered creatures, cybernetic beings, and aliens brought from other worlds and dimensions.


Numenera is both a boon and a bane. Though the prior worlds are too distant, too different, and too incomprehensible to understand, many Ninth Worlders dedicate their lives to the discovery and study of numenera. Organizations such as the Aeon Priesthood have established almost a quasi-religious fascination and dedication to the study and preservation of numenera. Most people, however, simply excavate and study the marvels of prior epochs just enough to help them survive in the world they have been given. They know that energies and knowledge are suspended invisibly in the air, that reshaped continents of iron and glass exist both below and above the earth, holding vast treasures and doorways to stars and other dimensions. Some people call the wonders of the numenera magic, and explain the unexplainable in terms of spirits, demons, and gods. And who is to say they’re wrong?


The Ninth World is a place seemingly without consistency or reason. A place where the only expected thing is the unexpected, and where there are more questions than answers. More mysteries than anything else. As you journey throughout the Ninth World, remember that the spirit of discovery and survival is what drives the people of this diverse planet. Whether traversing the settled lands of the Steadfast, braving the wilds of the Beyond, sailing the Western Seas, or venturing past the borders of the known world – be ready for the adventure of a lifetime.